We offer worship services in English and in Filipino, incorporating the reading of Holy scriptures, hymns. We hold Regular Worship Services and Special Worship Services, varying on specific occasions, grounded in the Holy Scriptures, hymns related to the message that Sunday, an anthem sung by the Rosewood United Methodist Church (RUMC) Chancel Choir to uplift the hearts of the worshipers, and the Christ Walk Band, who leads the parish in singing and praising in contemporary praise and worship songs, tailored for the mulit-generational congregation we have. 


RUMC’s goal jibes with that of the California-Pacific Annual Conference to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world who shall in turn disciple others so that everyone should have the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and thus participate in God’s kingdom building.  We therefore hold weekly Bible Studies for adults in Church every Tuesday at 7p.m. and 11am every Thursday. We have monthly conversation and reflection about God’s words through the six Caring groups, and Sunday School for each age level using a uniform resource material. The lesson for every week becomes basis of the Pastor’s sermon.  We also offer Vacation Bible School during summer for the children.  Membership Class, Confirmation Class and Inquirer’s Class are conducted as the need arises to equip new members and families as they get to involve themselves in the life and mission of the church.

Spiritual Formation

RUMC hope to provide everyone an opportunity to grow spiritually; to be inducted into a prayerful life; to hunger for God’s Words, to be holy in his daily walk with God without neglecting works of compassion and mercy. We hold Spiritual Retreats for the family, for the youth and young adults, and even for our children. The church youth are always encouraged to attend the annual Christmas Institute spearheaded by the Filipino Caucus, an organization of the California-Pacific Annual Conference. We regularly hold Prayer Breakfast meetings to lift up to the Lord varying individual and corporate concerns. Pastoral counseling is available to anyone in need of God’s re-assuring love.

Membership Support

The church has established a visitation group to see to it that the sick are visited in the hospitals and in their homes to be prayed for. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries of members are celebrated during fellowship hour where the whole church community are gathered. Special intercessory prayers are sought for members of families who goes out of the radical family such as those living separately due to their studies and those in boot camps. Counseling sessions are likewise conducted to help those wanting for discernment and illumination. Those who mourn due to loss of loved ones are comforted through conduct of vigil or interment services; and that all who find themselves member of this faith community experience a loving, caring and wholesome family.

Social Services

We are committed to the mission of feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and the senior citizens. We co-sponsor with Rosewood Revitalization Group an annual "Under the Tree" program to serve the needs of the immediate community in goods and social services. Non-profit organizations and Government organizations are invited into this activity so people will know how, where to access such services offered by these entities. Free lunch is offered for this activity. Giving out winter clothings are given out for the homeless during ealy Christmas season. We offer help to families which have just newly migrated into the U.S. in terms of job referrals, familiarization of some basic laws of the country and getting to access important agencies of the government.


The Roseleaf, the church monthly newsletter as a source of biblical, theological and ministry resource while updating the members and the Conference of news and concerns about the Church. Important developments on the life, work and mission of the United Methodist Church are reprinted here to make each member a chance to be enlightened especially on critical issues affecting the general church.  The Multi-Media adds life and meaningful experience to our worship through projection of hymns and other highlights of worship on the screen so worshipers can follow the flow of the worship celebration with ease.  It also records through video important events happening in the church.

Health Services

Yearly we participate in Health Fairs aimed at helping the community. We maintain a Defribilator and packed our Medicine Cabinet of first aid supplies  for emergency cases. We hold regularly health screening and as need arises, we also conduct workshops, and CPR seminars which empowers and inform the church of some approaches to healthy living. We also hold activities like the HEALTHWALK to keep everybody fit and able.